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What is Pathelen® Vulnerex?

Our product, Pathelen Vulnerex, is an advanced wound care formula specifically engineered to target and disrupt the biofilm that forms in wounds, a major barrier to effective healing. Biofilms can persist in chronic wounds and hinder the natural healing process, often leading to infection.

Pathelen Vulnerex is designed to prevent the formation of these biofilms in fresh wounds and effectively disrupts any existing biofilms in chronic wounds. By doing so, it allows the formation of granulation tissue, an essential component in wound healing, within a remarkably short amount of time.

A unique attribute of Pathelen Vulnerex is its non-pharmacological mode of action. This means it operates without engaging any physiological or biochemical processes within the body, hence eliminating any risk of systemic side effects. It's a safe, swift and simple solution for your pet's and horse's wound care needs.

Pathelen Vulnerex is incredibly easy to apply. This ease of use is part of our commitment to ensuring that you and your animal companions have a hassle-free experience on the path to recovery. Plus, its fast-acting formula means you'll start noticing improvements in your pet's or horse's condition in no time.


Invest in your pets' and horses' health today with Pathelen Vulnerex. It's not just a treatment, it's a promise of care and quick healing. Pathelen Vulnerex - the safe and speedy solution for wound healing.

Wound Care for dogs, cats and horses

Benefits of the Wound treatment with Pathelen® Vulnerex 


Easy to use

Pathelen® Vulnerex is easy to apply on any kind of wound. Shake the vial for approx. 10 sec. until the powder transforms into a liquid like state and pour it into the wound. Dress the wound with a bandage of your choosing. 


Fast acting

After applying Pathelen® Vulnerex on the wound, check the wound status every 48 hours. In general, granulation tissue should form within 5-10 days.


No side effect

Pathelen® Vulnerex works purely physical, which means there is no pharmacological mode of action. Due to this, no side effects were observed during the testing of Pathelen® Vulnerex.

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